Senior Send-off

A Final Goodbye to the Class of 2021
Posted on 05/14/2021
Class of 2021 at an assembly their freshman year

by Jocelyn Schultz

We’ve spent the last four years counting minutes and hours, days and weeks, and now with graduation just around the corner it seems that right now is the best time there is to just sit down and remember a few of those moments.

We started out our time in high school all the way back in the fall of 2017. Most of us were just scared, confused freshmen trying to make heads or tails of a brand-new environment filled with people that we either didn’t know or had to get to know all over again within the everchanging climate of high school. We went to assemblies and cheered on our classmates as they laid down on boards and desperately tried to plunger their way across the gym. We dressed up like superheroes as we went out to support our football team. We cheered on Mr. Maier for his miraculous impersonation of Ariana Grande, heels and wig included.

Throughout the years we learned to run out to the halls the moment we heard the marching band coming our way so that we could join in on our fight song. We broke sound barriers desperately trying to be the loudest class in the gym and we all got used to fire drills whenever the science classes decided they were going to do something exciting that day.

Admittedly though some of our time in high school wasn’t quite as routine as the rest. Whether it was walking out in protest of gun violence or teachers’ wages or a year-long quarantine we almost spent more time out of school than we did in it, and yet these last four years have been the most memorable and precious.

In a little under a week from now, everything will be different. We’ll have sat through our last terrifying and stressful set of finals. We’ll have spent our last Wolf Den desperately trying to finish our homework for 5th hour. And we’ll have walked out of the gates for the very last time and make our way across the stage instead.

We’ve all spent the last four years counting minutes and hours, days and weeks, but as we near the end, let’s hold on to those moments and take them with us wherever we all go.

Congratulations class of 2021!