Tips for online and hybrid learning

Staying Organized during Online Learning
Posted on 11/17/2020
The EFHS agenda and an organization list





By Katelynn Bruhn

Need a motivational boost? Or perhaps some tips to get you through the semester? There is no doubt about it – during this pandemic, keeping up with academics in a virtual setting is difficult. Now that we are four months into the school year, whether you are doing hybrid or virtual, there are many ways to help you be the best version of you. Staying organized, balancing your schedule, and having your priorities set are key factors to your success as part of the Wolf Pack.

Staying organized takes some time and effort, but this change will start with you! Some key tips are to keep an agenda handy. Estrella Foothills provides the perfect school agenda to help you be successful. In an agenda, you should write out important dates, events, goals, and even reminders such as when projects are due, when your next club meeting is, or when practice is. The next step to having a useful agenda is making sure you read it daily. Set a time that is best functional for you; perhaps every morning after breakfast you will check your agenda, or after school every day you will check your agenda. If a written agenda does not work out for you, do not worry, there is another option: you can use your phone, computers, and tablets to set reminders for important events.

The second most important tip is to keep your papers, notebooks, binders, etc., in a structural manner. Keep your papers that correlate with your classes together. Whether your papers are in a folder or binder, dividers are a huge help to keep papers separated. After your papers are neatly placed in your preferred storage, be sure to keep up with your papers. Perhaps once a month, take 10 minutes to go through your papers, getting rid of papers you no longer need, and making sure papers are in the proper placement. The great thing about this is that you can do this both at home and in-person.

Be sure to be prepared, even when you are at home, by bringing spare pencils, pens and highlighters for colorful notes, hygienic items, and a warm jacket during the winter season (and maybe a nice, warm cup of joe). If you are learning online, taking notes will help you retain information. You do not have to be creative to take notes, as long as you can understand the notes.

Now that you have all the right processes, you can start to put them together by staying focused and motivated. As part of your goal-setting process, be sure to add some rewards and motivations behind those goals. For instance, say you get your homework done for the week, treat yourself to your favorite beverage, or maybe a nap after all that hard work. No matter your situation in school, these are all things you can do.

Lastly, balancing your schedule is the most fun task at hand. If you have work, be sure to keep note of when you work. Prioritize your free time by doing your schoolwork first, and then rewarding yourself by hanging out with friends. In these uncertain times, be sure to social distance, mask up, and wash your hands.

Here is a quick overview to help you be prepared and organized from home:

  1. Keep an agenda handy
  2. Jot down important reminders or set reminders on your phone
  3. Keep your papers organized
    1. Keep papers from different classes separated
    2. Every so often, go through your papers to see what you do not need to keep
  4. Always be prepared
    1. Bring spare pencils, hygienic items, and a jacket
  5. Stay focused, Stay motivated
    1. Write out your goals and strive to success
    2. Be specific when writing your goals
  6. Balance your schedule
    1. Make sure you make time to safely socialize
    2. Prioritize your schoolwork
    3. Do not be afraid to ask for time off from work to catch up on schoolwork